Ice Cold Showers

January 04, 2020 · 1 min read

It begins

I was inspired by Jason Lin to try having a very cold shower. Wow, it really sucked. The hardest part for me is having the courage to get into the painful cold. I used to take cold showers back in 11th grade after swimming at the gym. From then and today, I learned that the best way to adjust to the initial plunge is by taking very deep breaths and moving my hands super fast on my stomach and chest. Yes, kinda weird. But it makes sense because when going to the beach when the water is cold, the hardest part of getting in the water is getting my stomach and chest below water. Once inside the water, it was a battle between my mind, my breath, and my body. It was a struggle to keep calm and keep my breath steady. My body was very obviously cold, but once I was able to distance my mind and my breath from that, I was able to keep it all in control. In order to continue with this, I will have to treat showers as training instead of enjoyment. I definitely felt accomplished after successfully completing the shower.

The main reason I decided to try this (outside of the health benefits) is because I’ve heard it helps a lot with mental fortitude — keeping calm while uncomfortable, whether it is bad weather, angry people, or a situation where you’re under pressure. Looking forward to continuing this.

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Written by Varun Jindal Twitter