Product builder, engineer, dancer, foodie

About Me

What I'm up to

  • Product and Eng @ Lumos
  • Built products used by many:
  • Currently upskilling in code scalability with DDIA
  • Adventure and adrenaline excite me: roller coasters, skydiving, cliff jumping, etc.
  • I like being active: running, soccer, etc.


Some things I've learned

  • You will never always feel incredible. Don’t over-optimize your life around feeling incredible, over-optimize your life to perform at your best no matter how you are feeling.
  • There’s no limit to willpower; there’s no quota for the day.
  • Show up for your friends, always.
  • Everyone is still figuring stuff out. No one has their life together, no matter how successful they are.
  • Single minded focus is the most powerful force in the universe.
  • Inspiration is fleeting, act on it immediately.
  • The mismatch of how difficult you expect something to be and how hard it is in actuality is the source of most of your anger and frustration.
  • Friendship, at its core, is mutual mentorship.
  • Always assume people are acting in good faith. Even if they aren’t, your perception and reaction will be more true to yourself.


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