Varun Jindal

First off, my name is pronounced Vuh-roon. After hearing countless variations,
I've come to realize that pronouncing my name is a challenge in itself.
I am a senior at Ward Melville High School. I enjoy a large variety of extra-curricular activities
focused on math and science. Mostly, I just love to learn and create things that work.

Science Olympiad

National Tournament

Science Olympiad is a multidisciplinary club in which students compete in various events. Throughout the last four years, we have gone to the national tournament twice.

I've been on the competition team all four years. I have received seven medals at the State Tournament in Syracuse, NY, and two medals at the National Tournament. Two years ago, I was the captain of the Junior High team and our team achieved 10th place in the nation.
Each National Tournament is held at a different university. One was at the University of Nebraska and one was at the University of Wisconsin Stout.
We did not make it last year to the one in Ohio. However, we hope to make it this year to Colorado!

My Events

Gelinas Junior High School

  • Crime Busters - a forensics event
  • Food Science - an event about the science of dairy
  • Bottle Rocket - an event where one must create a rocket using a bottle as the pressure vessel
  • Elastic Launched Glider - an event where one must create a glider that flies for the longest time after being launched with a rubber band

Ward Melville High School

  • Robot Arm - create a robot to pick up stacks of pennies, flip them over, and place them on a target without overlapping
  • Helicopters - create a helicopter powered with a rubber band that flies for the longest time
  • Wind Power - create a wind turbine that harnesses the largest amount of kinetic energy from a fan and take a test on physics and wind power concepts
  • Mousetrap Vehicle - create a vehicle powered solely by two mousetraps that most accurately reaches a point at a set distance
  • Thermodynamics - create a thermos which contains heat most efficiently and take a test on physics and thermodynamics


First Tech Challenge

I am part of a robotics team named IslandBots. We participate in the First Tech Challenge. Every year there is a different challenge. The video shows this year's challenge.
Below is a link to their youtube channel:

Youtube Channel

Android Studio

I am in the programming group of my robotics team. We modify an app in Android Studio to communicate between two phones. This is done mainly in Java. One phone allows us to choose what the robot will do and the other phone communicates this to the robot.
Below is a link to our website:


World Championship

Last year we made it to the world championship in St. Louis. It was a really great experience to see all the interesting ideas that were thought up all over the world. This is our robot this year.



I have been playing since second grade.
I am currently in the pre-college division of the Stony Brook University Jazz Band
We play at the Jazz Loft. They take 12 students from around the island. We are split up into two combos with whom we play with throughout the year. In the picture to the left, I am playing the vibraphone with my combo which I picked up as well after joining this Jazz program.


This year I started a band. Our name is Mint. My friends Jay, Ben, Max, Matt, and Aidan and I meet once a week and generally just have fun hanging out and playing music. We have performed at an Indian celebratory festival with over 300 guests.


For the past three years I have participated in my county band. It is run by SCMEA, the Suffolk County Music Educators Association.
You can visit their website below:




Soccer has been my favorite sport for as long as I can remember.
Last year, I was the captain of my division 1 travel team.
Unfortunately I had to quit as I could not go to the games anymore. The games were the same time as my Pre-College Jazz rehearsals.


We go to many tournaments during the year.
The tournament depicted in this picture was in Boston. The previous picture was from a tournament in Maryland.



I dance in an indian style called bhangra. It is characterized by upbeat songs combined with energetic dancing. It originates from North India specifially the state of Punjab.
Each year my group and I perform at our local celebration of Diwali in Stony Brook University. We have also performed at Stony Brook University events and on occasion perform elsewhere.
As an example check out our video from last year:



Many people do this style of dancing. Most colleges have a bhangra team.
Below is an example of professional bhangra:

Bhangra Empire


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