Managing Time

     I have always had trouble with this. I like to take my time but sometimes that means that things don’t get done. In making this website I spent many hours doing hard work. Some of that hard work really mattered to the finished website, but a lot of it was worthless debugging over a tiny attribute that barely mattered.

     For example, in the archived section of this blog, I was trying to implement a download button. There was a problem in lining up the correct PDF to the correct image due to the delay time between the slides in the slideshow mechanism. I tried many different things and ended up spending hours trying to figure it out. Only after these hours did I think to myself: “why am I even trying to make a download button?” I realized that most people would enjoy reading it once but have very little use in downloading it. So it ended up that all of those hours were wasted. Like that, this happened with many other attributes of my website.

     Only towards the end of making this website did I start to think: “Is it necessary?” and “What is its purpose?” before creating it. It is ironic because I went through this same exact thing with my writing. I was the kind of person that edited while writing so writing even small essays took very long; it had to be perfect in my head before I would put it on the paper.

     Although “JUST DO IT” has become something of a joke among friends, I would say that it has some credence. I have found that it is better to act on your ideas rather than think them over to the point where you start to doubt them.


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